Welcome to The Hero Trials rp! Here, we follow young demigods on their journey throughout the second rebellion. Along with monster fighting and juicy drama, this rp is covered with interesting plotlines like hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, stress, betrayal, and romance.

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Hades | God of the Underworld and Riches | Ancient | FC: Johnny Depp | OPEN

Possible ships: Hecate, Persephone

Friends: Stark, Dalton

"We have quite the predicament here, don’t we? You want to destroy the gods, and you want my help, yet I am a god. Why would you seek out my help to destroy myself?" 

For the most part, Hades has stayed in his kingdom for the second rebellion. He’s hardly worried about it, and he’s letting the other gods worry about the nuance that is the demigods. And when the second rebellion started, he told his favourite son, Stark, to leave his kingdom because he knew that the gods would kill him mercilessly. But now his son is back, and he is asking for his help. Hades first laughed at the boy, but eventually he agreed to go back to the demigod camp to listen to what they are offering. He sees that the demigods are less welcoming of him than the gods, but he has no plan to reveal their whereabouts to the rest of the gods. 

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